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Whether it's friend raising or fundraising, we hope you'll check out what we've got cooking. Click HERE to check out the Food Outreach calendar.

Or, click here to see pics from some of our previous events.


A Scoop To Stop Hunger!

Summer may be coming to an end but ice cream is always in season!
Go to Clementine's Creamery (1637 S. 18th St., 63104)
the month of September and get
"A Scoop To Stop Hunger" Sundae!
Portion of the proceeds will benefit Food Outreach during
Hunger Action Month. Check back on yummy details that are involved!
Questions? Please contact Jessica Healey at 314.652.3663, ext. 118 or

Have your sweet tooth ready!








Be on the Look Out For Brennan's...

Lil Bit of Charity Dinner Table at Brennan's

Make a reservation to be part of this table (seats 10-12) that gives back 100% to Food Outreach every Thursday evening in September during Hunger Action Month!
Brennan's donates all the food from a special menu. You donate what you feel the meal and CAUSE is worth.

How does it work?

  • Call Kevin at 314.497.4449 to reserve
  • Dinner starts at 7:00 pm
  • Invite 10 friends to fill the table
  • Share various tapas during dinner
  • Get the "bill" to help Food Outreach

Make your reservation now, before all the Thursdays fill up! Questions? Please contact Jessica Healey at 314.652.3663, ext. 118 or

Bitter Sweet Pairing

Favor sweet flavors? Better with bitter?

Find tastes to suit both preferences at the
Bitter Sweet Pairing benefiting Food Outreach.

Join us for either of the two tasting sessions that'll please your palate and support a good cause.

Where: Craft Beer Cellar, 8113 Maryland Ave., 63105

When: Tuesday, September 22nd

  • 1st session is at 6:00 pm
  • 2nd session is at 7:30 pm

Purchase tickets here - and mark your calendar now. Limited seating available for each session.

Torn between bitter and sweet with questions? Contact Jessica Healey 314.652.3663, ext. 118 or





Smoked pit ham, maple BBQ sauce, apple chutney, gouda cheese, arugula, all on cinnamon raisin bread.
50% of the proceeds go to Food Outreach!
Contact Jessica Healey 314.652.3663, 118 or











A Reason to Party

Hosting an At Home With Food Outreach party is deliciously simple... and simply invaluable to our mission.

You host a dinner, cocktail, or any kind of party for your friends. In return for the fun and food, your guests are invited to make a donation to Food Outreach. We make it easy!

Please go HERE for more details.



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